Here is a list of NRCHA shows in our region. Some of the shows include AQHA approved working cow horse, cutting and reining. I have attached links to show information when they were avaliable. If you know of any that I am missing, please email me.

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Cow Horse Clinics

2012 Regional Cow Horse Shows - NRCHA, AQHA & Open
April 14-15, 2012 Atlantic RCHA
April 20-22, 2012 Ohio RCHA
May 5-6, 2012 Atlantic RCHA
May 12-13, 2012 GLRCHA
May 18-20, 2012 Ohio RCHA
June 2-3, 2012 Atlantic RCHA
June 16-17, 2012 GLRCHA
June 22-24, 2012 Ohio RCHA
July 11-15, 2012 ECRCHC
July 18-19, 2012 GLRCHA
August 4-5, 2012 Atlantic RCHA
August 24-26, 2012 Ohio RCHA
September 8-9, 2012 Atlantic RCHA
September 22-23, 2012 GLRCHA
September TBA Ohio RCHA
October 13-14, 2012 Atlantic RCHA
October 13-14, 2012 GLRCHA
October 25-28, 2012 Ohio RCHA

Ohio Ranch Versatility Clinics/Shows

NRCHA Point Information:
The point year is from November 16 to November 15.
At the end of the point year, the top 20 in each division from each region are invited to the the World Championships held in February.
We are in the Northeastern Region. States include Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin.